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Premium Quality Handcrafted Organic Cotton Hammocks

At Ecomundy we design and manufacture the best hammocks you can get.
Because our hammocks  are made with great craftsmanship and are of guaranteed quality.
They are hand-woven in a traditional artisan way and finished by hand.
This, in combination with the use of  only high quality organic cotton and excellent design, give Ecomundy hammocks their

  • Unsurpassed quality,
  • Natural beauty
  • Comfortable softness and breathability,
  • Luxurious and stylish appearance,
  • High resistancy,
  • Extreme durability

Therefore, our hammocks are also used very often indoors

Our premium hammocks are made exclusively from the finest organic cotton. Apart from the unsurpassed quality and purity of the raw material, organic cotton provides a healthy, honest and sustainable work environment.


We want you to relax – or sleep – in the most comfortable and durable organic cotton hammock. That’s why we make no concessions in the quality of the fabric. The organic cotton we use for our hammocks is 460 or 320gr/m2 (GSM). This is more then double the quality of average hammocks. The solid ropes and finishing are also on the highest standard.

You can wash our hammocks easily in the washing machine.

You’ll see and experience the comfort and luxury even after using your Ecomundy hammock for many years.

ecomdundy organic gots hammocksGOTS certified

Organic cotton is good. But GOTS is even better. GOTS is more than just using organic cotton. GOTS controls the entire production process. From the production of organic cotton to the spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, transport up to the sale by us. Compliance with social norms is carefully examined at all stages. All Ecomundy  hammocks are GOTS-certified.